Underpinning Exeter

There are a number of reasons why you may require underpinning in Exeter and surrounding areas, and we’re here to help. The process involves adding foundation level support to existing structures/buildings, for which there are several possible approaches. As specialists in our field for over a decade, we can provide underpinning, RC slabs and beams and piling, as well as groundwork and drainage solutions, to support construction projects of all scales. No matter the size of your existing structure, we can reinforce the current foundations and re-stabilise it quickly and efficiently. So, call us today for more information.

Why is Underpinning Required?

Underpinning could be needed if existing foundations are not stable/strong enough. This could be due to:


Types of Underpinning

There are four key types of underpinning used within the construction sector. These are:


Construction Strengthening & Stabilisation

Underpinning involves gaining access to underneath the existing concrete in order to install additional load-bearing piles/struts/beams to strengthen the construction from the ground up. The method chosen will be based upon expert analysis. Most commonly, we carry out mass concrete and mini piling; highly trusted, reliable and cost-effective techniques. In order to check suitability, the current footings will be inspected using trial holes as well as a structural inspection. Any works performed must also be approved by your structural engineer/LA and carried out in compliance with current regulations.

Contact L H Construction (SW) Ltd

We can stabilise and strengthen structures of all sizes and scales. So, for expert underpinning in Exeter & Devon contact our team.

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