Mini Piling Contractor Exeter

If you need a mini piling contractor in Exeter for piling in confined spaces, mass production of smaller capacity piles, or underpinning, then give us a call. We have over a decade of experience in constructing foundation support structures of all kinds, including mini piles. Suitable for a variety of applications in both commercial and domestic settings, this smaller-scale form of structural support is quick and efficient to install. We also offer traditional piling, groundwork and drainage solutions. Call us today to discuss your project or arrange a site visit.

Mini Piles

Mini piles are typically between 100mm and 600mm in diameter, and reach depths as great as 50m. They can be used for:

Drilling into the earth

The Process

The process for constructing mini piles will vary depending on engineering specifications and the properties of the surrounding substrate. Techniques for drilling include auger, rotary and cased and may incorporate reinforced steel components where appropriate or necessary. We will use the most appropriate approach in line with your project specifications in order to ensure optimal results. The mini rigs we use are highly versatile and can function optimally both internally and externally. We’re able to achieve safe working loads of up to 1200kN through the application of high-capacity mini piles. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Smaller piling equipment

The Benefits of Using Mini Piling

There are a number of benefits to using mini piles for your construction project. While small in diameter, these supports are suitable for challenging ground conditions, including masonry and existing concrete foundations. The addition of permanent liners makes them usable in especially soft ground too. The equipment itself is also smaller. Therefore, they are also well suited for use in restrictive areas and those with limited overhead space.

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