Ground Beams & RC Slabs Exeter

Call our experts for ground beams and RC slabs in Exeter and surrounding areas. Particularly suited to the construction of private dwellings and other low-load structures, slabs and beams can offer support when substrates are loose or swampy. You will receive a complete foundation design service, where we’ll assess your engineering requirements and ground conditions to ensure the correct approach is used. As well as RC beams/slabs, we offer piling, underpinning and a range of other techniques for structural reinforcement. So, you can be sure to receive the best advice and most robust approach for your project. Contact us today to make an enquiry.

Use of Beams & Slabs in Construction

Beams and slabs provide an effective alternative to conventional foundations. Typically, they are used for:

House outline foundations

Reinforced Ground Beams & Cages

We can cast this foundation in situ, where we will use a series of fabricated steel cages to line trenches before casting the concrete. In combination with piling or slab foundations, beams form a strong, durable support, distributing weight evenly. The process involves:


RC Slab Foundation

The reinforced concrete slab (or raft foundation) provides a large, flat structural support suited for land that is highly compressible. Initially, ground levels will be corrected before shuttering is installed around the perimeter of the slab area. Then the steel reinforcements will be introduced, along with any anti-heave as stipulated by your structural engineer or local authority, ahead of inspection by building control. Once signed off by BC, the structure is filled with concrete and the slab is complete and ready to use. Slabs can be used in conjunction with pile and beam systems, or, independently as a ‘floating’ foundation.

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